Get Better..

So without too much aforethought I took the month of December off from this blog. I decided I needed to live a bit and get out in to the world. The last fifteen months have been pretty full on and it was nice to step back from it all and try to begin to take stock. Having cancer is like a dDOS attack on your life. Everything normal stops. Now (hopefully) I'm free of treatment for a while I can pick up the pieces of my life and see if they still make a picture. Like doing a 3000 piece jigsaw drunk. Anyhoo I'm not going to try and sum up this last year or so because where do you start? So like all start of January articles let's look forward to the year ahead. Lest anyone think I don't know how to jump on the passing bandwagon.

Resolutions patently don't work and you'll be back to your same old self by the 14th. So instead I'm focusing on what I love to do and y'know doing more of it in 2016. Here goes;

1)Get healthy - kinda an obvious one to start with but crucial to my well being. I'm sticking at the gym, it's not as grim as I thought it would be. Also I've gained nearly 5 kilos since discharge so something is working. Only another 10 to go! Mental health is also a big goal this year. Chemo scrambles your brain better than most things, so being more 'mindful' this year is essential.

2) learn to cook - like properly. I'm 40 so I'm not completely crap, but I've a long way to go. I'd like to be able to  bake more than a crumble and actually get rice right.

3) Live entertainment - I missed this a lot during illness. Going to a gig or a show is great and as I live in London pretty much any genre and style from music to comedy and theatre comes through town. So I'm going to go to as much as I can in 2016. Green Man festival anyone?

4) Travel - Last year was the first time in about 17 years I didn't leave the country for some adventure or shenanigans. I missed this too. I've already planned an America trip for July but want to go to some other new places too.

5) Reading & Writing - Chemo killed my reading in 2015. I read maybe 6 novels the entire year. I'll be making up for lost time this year. It did though get my arse in gear with writing this blog. So I'm going to keep this up and chart the whole recovery process. I enjoy writing this stuff so I'll be going more of it. Maybe pitching again to editors if I can get the motivation again.

6) Dating - Oh.Dear.God. The thought of it is as scary as getting a central line fitted. But who wouldn't want to date a guy who's half deaf, speaks like Mariella Frostrup after a hard night on the gin and has more psychological baggage than a Heathrow carousel. A top catch surely?!

Anyhoo that's enough to be getting on with right now. So happy new year and let's see what 2016 has in store.

Currently I'm... Listening to top French tune merchants... Reading Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling by Ben Irvine...Watching Portlandia on DVD.."Have you read..??"