Monday update

Just a quick update for Monday lunchtime. I'm slowly recovering after my 3 weeks in Barts. It's great to be home and back in my own bed. It's really easy to get institutionalised after a long stay in hospital. I'm still waking up at 0600 expecting a nurse to walk in to my room and take my blood pressure. Walking is a big part of my recovery and I've managed to get out everyday, even if it's just to the park at the end of the road.

Tomorrow is a big day as I go back to Barts for outpatients clinic. There I'll find out if the high dose chemotherapy has worked, or if the cancer is still lurking in my body. I'm hoping to hell that it has worked, because I really don't want another round of Chemo. Psychologically it gets tougher every time I go in, I just really need a break from all the cancer stuff right now. Just to live a bit for a few weeks without tests, scans, schedules and schemes would be brilliant. In the meantime I'm off to Saintsbury's to buy my build-up diet. Lots of carbs, protein and vegetables! 

Currently I'm... Wondering at the marvel of the new Camberwell library. Yes a new library with new books. In this age that's a bloody miracle... Listening to Guy Garvey's first solo album 'Courting the squall'..Watching BBC4's excellent doco on cover versions.