I want to ride my bicycle.

So I had some time to kill between seeing my psychologist and my speech therapist yesterday, I headed to the Design Museum. A new exhibition launched last week called 'Cycle Revolution' which charts the latest developments in cycle design. Over the whole of the first floor a whole host of bikes were displayed, from Chris Boardman's 92 Lotus, Brad Wiggins Paris - Roubaix Pinarello to folding bikes like the Brompton. It was thoughtfully laid out and included little video interviews with cycling advocates like Sir Norman Foster and Paul Smith. They were all cheer leading for more bike use in our cities and making quite a compelling case for why. More and more of us are living in cities and bikes are a great way of easing congestion and getting people fit. 

I miss riding my bike. Even in a scary city like London it offers freedom and convenience like nothing else. As I was crammed into a Victoria Line train to Euston this morning I realised how much more preferable being out on the road is. Don't get me wrong I'm well aware how dangerous cycling can be and have had two accidents myself. Luckily in both cases no one was seriously harmed and my bike only had some minor scratches. My aim with the gym is to get my lungs working well enough by March that I can ride my bike to work again. It's a 5 mile jaunt through the back streets of Walworth and Borough, over Southwark Bridge and past St Paul's Cathedral to my studio in Farringdon. A couple of times construction lorries have nearly hit me but in general it's a safe and quick way to travel to and from work. Also the north - south cycle superhighway is being built between Elephant and Castle and Mount pleasant so that should help my journeys across the river as well. Cancer can rob you of the things you enjoy most in life, but I'm determined to wrestle them back, one by one.

Currently I'm... Speeding north on a Virgin train to Glasgow. This blog is bought to you courtesy of First Class free Wi-Fi. I'm taking Richard Branson for everything he's got!