New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Gyms are weird. People pushing machines. Hipster bearded muscle men staring at themselves, sadly. Time and mortality smiling invisibly - Matt Haig.

Thank God for Spotify. I've been given my recovery programme at the gym by the genial assistant manager, Hughie. It includes a whopping 30 minutes of cardio. So to alleviate the boredom I've asked my friends for some gym appropriate music. This morning my session on the treadmill was accompanied by some interesting french electronica. This takes my mind off the very utilitarian surroundings of my gym. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing building to say the least. Think of a council office in east Berlin circa 1974. Inside is not much better, strip fluorescent lighting shines on rows of machines. The room is divided roughly in half with the cardio and resistance machines on the left, free weights and sparring area on the right. I'm very much a to-the-left person. The guys who bear right are scary and big, arms bigger than my thighs big. I don't know how much extra help these guys (and it is all guys) take, but WADA would have a field day if they ever dropped by. 

Saying all this, I'm enjoying the experience. After months of feeling weak and miserable, it's great to get my muscles moving again. I miss riding my bicycle terribly and so hopefully I can train enough so I can be back on the road by March. Also there's an opportunity of going to the U.S Rockies in the summer, which would need me to really be fit, so these are goals I'm aiming for. 

Post gym I wandered through Camberwell and ended up at the new library again. It's fast becoming my favourite building in the area. It's full of brand new books chosen with care and thought. I picked up this years MAN booker prize winner Marlon James' A brief history of seven killings, and a rare Douglas Coupland book, The age of earthquakes. It's a bit overwhelming actually. I saw about 20 books I want to read and had to escape back home before I checked out more than I could carry. I think I'm trying to make up for lost time. 

Currently I'm.. Watching Arena's excellent documentary Night and Day celebrating 40 years of the arts programme...Listening to Death, Sex and Money podcast from WNYC.