The Drugs do work.

Jeremy Corbyn is wrong. The nuclear option does work. Obviously not Trident which is a farce of a power game, but against cells. Cells which divide and mutate and divide. Cells which do not conform to pre-existing norms. In these circumstances the nuclear option works, and it's worked for me.

Like all nuclear options its left a heavy impact on it's environment. But instead of scorched earth and mushroom clouds its my body. To rid it of cancer I've gone through a lot. My weight is ridiculously low, my immune system is just about there and my mind has been scrambled. Serious collateral damage has been done to my hearing. But through all of the pain and suffering the plan devised by my Doctors has worked. I don't need anymore treatment. Just typing those words gives me an enormous sense of relief. I can now focus on my recovery.  Which will consist of the anti-diet to end all anti-diets and boosting my immune system. I'll be under constant monitoring by the hospital and on various medications for the foreseeable future. But for now my cancer is gone. I'm not in any way saying I'm cured, this Cancer is too tenacious for that. But the activity in my body has ceased, and that's good enough for me. 

So what would you do with such momentous news? I went shopping. It must have been the shock of it all, as I never go shopping, not least to Oxford Street where I ended up. Why do people go there? It's crowded and hectic and should have been pedestrianised years ago. I ended up there on a mission to buy a new pair of jeans. Due to my weight loss hardly any of my clothes fit me right now.  

I headed to Uniqlo purveyors of Japanese basics in all the primary colours. I found some jeans I liked but I was told they only come in lengths longer than 32 inches. What?? Have the Japanese become giants overnight? Is everyone at least 5'11" in Tokyo now??  I left in a hurry with only a new hoody as compensation. Then I decided to hit the department stores. They are in full Christmas mode and there seemed to be a competion over who can have the most lights on the front of their store. Inside is even worse as it's a barrage of red, green and gold. Exhortations abound about magical moments and special days. I ended up taking refuge in the pub. It was the only sensible thing to do when faced with such madness. In the end it was good old M&S which saved me. Do you know they do selvidge denim these days? When did Marks get trendy? Anyhoo i found a pair of jeans which didn't automatically fall off me, so they made a sale. By the time I'd bought dinner from the food hall i realised it was rush hour. Going through Oxford Circus at 1700 is a joy. How do people do it every day? Crazy scenes. 

Currently I'm...Watching London Spy, the new BBC2 drama with Jim Broadbent and Ben Wishaw...Listening to In Pod We Trust, a show about podcasts by the excellent Miranda Sawyer for Radio 4.